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Student Support

Each class has a Cohort Manager, from the Student Services section and they are available during office hours, to help you with all of your questions and to help you throughout your course, with any administrative processes or procedures. Being appointed a Cohort Manager at the start of your course means, that you get to know the person assisting you and can develop a rapport with them, making it easier for you to raise your concerns with them, seek assistance and support and they become your first point of contact.

Study Tips

Need some ideas to develop effective study skills? Explore some strategies, address problems and get the most out of your study.

Assessment principles

AIM Institute of Health & Sciences has an assessment system that ensures assessment:

  • Is conducted in accordance with the Rules of Evidence and the Principles of Assessment.
  • Is conducted in line with the requirements of the relevant Training Package or VET Accredited Course.
  • Requires the student to demonstrate all of the skills and knowledge outlined in the components of the relevant unit of competency or module.
  • Requires the student to demonstrate the ability to perform tasks in a variety of situations, adapt to different contexts and environments and perform tasks to an appropriate level expected by a workplace.
  • Considers’ the students’ dimensions of competency when making all assessment decisions.

To ensure no students are disadvantaged, where required assessors will make Reasonable Adjustments to assessment tasks or processes to accommodate individual needs and record these adjustments.

AIM Institute of Health & Sciences has a plan for, and implements, systematic validation of assessment practices and judgments.